Shuttle Services

Shuttle Services

Our shuttle policy has changed and we now offer private vehicle shuttles. This means that you will drive your personal vehicle to the put-in spot, from there you will pass the keys to one of our experienced drivers and we will move your vehicle for you. Your vehicle will be waiting on you upon your arrival at the end of your float. We do recommend that you bring a spare set of keys with you, however, it is no problem at all if you only have one set of keys. The details of where the keys will be left will be discussed at the office while you are signing in. 


Prices vary on locations for put in and take out when you bring your own boats and us moving your vehicle for you! Give us a call at 870.439.2200 to book and/or inquire about private vehicle shuttles for day floats and/or overnights! 


Please note - If you have an RV or a larger vehicle, please contact us to guarantee that it will be moved. Additionally, if you have a trailer attached to your vehicle, we will charge a $25 per trailer, trailer fee. 

Our Suggested Day Trips

  • Tyler Bend to Gilbert: $45.00 per vehicle

Changes in shuttle destination or date:

In the event you wish to change a shuttle destination or the date of the shuttle after they are already on the river, we will do everything possible to respond to such a request and help in any way possible. However, these requests may not be able to be fulfilled until the following day. Changes in destination may result in an additional charge if the vehicle has already been moved to the original destination and/or extra staff expense is incurred in handling the request.

Vehicle problems:

Vehicles breakdowns which create inordinate staff time to handle or other Buffalo River Outfitters out-of-pocket-expenses may result in an additional charge. These problems can include flat tire(s), engine or frame issues, inadequate gasoline level, etc.

Shuttle Prices:

  • Day float shuttle with rental of our boats - $45

Private Shuttle Rates: Prices are per location. Overnight floaters who start or end their trip at Grinders Ferry will not be charged a shuttle fee for this location.

  • Ponca - $149
  • Pruitt/Ozark - $164
  • Carver - $158
  • Mt. Hershey - $152
  • Woolum - $118
  • Baker Ford - $79
  • Tyler Bend - $79
  • Grinders Ferry - $79
  • Gilbert - $79
  • South Maumee - $131
  • Dillard's Ferry - $152
  • Rush - $173
  • Cartney - $211
  • Buffalo City/Shipps Ferry- $211

Please note - There's a $20 upcharge on private vehicle shuttle prices for customers who do not rent a vessel with us.


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