Weather & Water Levels

Monitoring Provided by USGS


Flow Rate: 8.75 CF/S

1.67 FT

(Very Low)


Flow Rate: 10.5 CF/S

3.14 FT

(Very Low)


No data for this location

St. Joe

Flow Rate: 117 CF/S

3.17 FT



Flow Rate: 132 CF/S

3.14 FT


The weather and water levels on the Buffalo can sometimes be difficult to predict, but here at Buffalo River Outfitters we want to make sure you have the most enjoyable trip year round! Located in Arkansas, the Buffalo National River is the first national river in the country and is abundant in wildlife and beautiful scenery. Whether it’s just a day trip or a long overdue getaway, below is some information to help you decide the perfect time to come see us.

For your convenience we have included the average high and low temperatures for each month along with the average water temperature and precipitation. The most enjoyable time to come is typically during the months of May-August. Feel free to call us at any time to check on current conditions. You can call us at 870.439.2200. We can’t wait to see you have an amazing time on the Buffalo National River!

What The Water Levels Mean

  • Very Low: The river is dry in places.
  • Low: Water is low but floatable. The river moves slowly and many rocks are exposed.
  • Moderate: Ample water for floating. The river moves at an average of 2 mph, allowing canoes to float over most rocks.
  • High: For experienced floaters only. The river flows swiftly and compromising situations may occur. Canoeing experience on swift moving rivers is necessary. All canoeists must possess good river canoeing skills and must be familiar with rescue procedures.
  • Flood Level: The river flows outside its normal banks. Flood waters move quickly and carry debris. River conditions are hazardous even for highly skilled canoeists.

Weather For Our Best Day

Typically, we consider the best days for floating to be the days when it is bright and sunny. The sun warming your skin and the bright sun is just what everyone needs when summer comes. When the sun is out, so is most of our wildlife. We can guarantee that if it’s sunny you will see all of the abundant wildlife that the Buffalo has to offer.

However, we love cloudy days, too. The temperature is usually lower so you do not feel as hot. With the sun blocked, it is also not as bright outside and therefore gives you the best view of the river! Cloudy weather is also great for fishing. Don’t be hesitant to come if you see a cloud. We love the sun, but sometimes it is nice to get a little cooler weather.

Whether you come on a sunny day or a cloudy day, we can promise that the bluffs will still be pretty, the water will still be blue, and you will still have fun!

Month High Low Precip Water
January 49 27 3.2 42
February 54 30 3.0 42
March 62 36 3.4 46
April 72 46 4.7 60
May 80 53 5.5 68
June 88 63 4.8 76
July 93 66 3.0 77
August 93 65 3.3 70
September 86 57 3.8 71
October 75 46 3.7 60
November 60 35 3.2 53
December 51 24 2.7 45