No matter what time of year you come, hiking is a great option for explorers young and old. Whether the fall colors are burning, the spring flowers are blooming, waterfalls are rushing, or summer beauty is in full swing - no matter what, there’s always something to be seen.

Crazy hikes are available for the adrenaline seeking adventurer, as well as gentler hikes for those who wish to take life a little easier. Whether it be one-day excursions or multiple-day adventures that stretch the length of the river, the possibilities are endless and right at the tip of your hiking boots.

River Overlooks

If you're looking for a rush, hike up to one of our many river overlooks, ranging from Tyler Bend to Steel Creek. From here you can see the Buffalo River from a birds eye view, a perfect portrait from atop a bluff with the winding river below. You can even make your way right to Lost Valley’s waterfall located within a cave.

Sam's Throne

If heights don’t scare you, head over to Sam’s Throne and walk along the rocky outcroppings and cliff sides that attract so many rock climbers. With Sam’s Throne Mountain looming in the foreground, hike down to the bottom where spring waters are perfect for cooling off on a hot summer’s day trickle right out of the boulders.

Hemmed-In Hollow Trail

For an all-day hike that will leave you sore and tired (but happy!), head to the Hemmed-In Hollow trail, which has a steep descension down a mountain amidst sandstone bluffs. Stop for a breath at it’s highlight - a 210-foot waterfall.

Hawksbill Crag

Set out for Hawksbill Crag, or as its better known - Whitaker Point. Here you will see the most photographed spot in all of The Natural State. Aptly named Hawksbill for its famously shaped outcropping that looks much like a falcon’s head peering out across the hills.

Outlaw Hideouts

Explore outlaw hideouts like the camps of The Slacker Gang at Hideout Hollow, ghost towns like the Rush Mining Town, or old cabins like the Collier Homestead. Here you can ponder the lives once lived by those who established this great American treasure.

Horseback Riding

Want to make someone else walk for you? Try horseback riding, which has become a long time tradition along the Buffalo River. Join the “Midnight Ride” as they trek out on horses with only the light of the moon to guide them. With over 75 miles of equestrian designated trails, and drive-in horse campsites at Woolum, Steel Creek, Eribie and Hathaway, the Buffalo River is your perfect getaway for you and your saddled friend.

No matter where you go, or what season, there will always be a great experience awaiting you in the Buffalo River National Park. Visit our store for trail maps and supplies before you head out on your adventure. Happy hiking!