Plan Your Vacation to the Buffalo National River

We here at Buffalo River Outfitters are eager to jump into the new year. Plans, preparations, and dreaming up river days keeps us pretty busy. Stocking all of your favorite apparel and souvenirs in the shop, not to mention gear and river adventure accessories. Did you know that our storefront is still open and providing unmatched service? We are answering the phones, and are here to help you plan a trip - whether for this weekend or this summer.

Even now, the Buffalo National River and surrounding Ozark Mountains continue to provide ample opportunity for adventure, or just some rest and relaxation. The elk wander out in the frosty mornings, the waterfalls roar with our recent rainfall, and ringing in the new year never looks as great as a crisp morning hike. Walk off those Christmas calories! And of course, snuggling together in a wifi-connected log cabin has no seasonal limits!

Did you know that the National Park Service just announced that you can reserve your stay at select BNR campgrounds online? This includes stays at Tyler Bend, Buffalo Point, and Steel Creek campgrounds. Take some of the uncertainty out of your river trip by planning your float adventure ahead of time. After all, vacation shouldn’t include worrying whether you will have a spot at a campground on the river. Click here to reserve your Buffalo River Campsite!

Of course, you can always reserve your boats, cabins, and shuttles with us any time of year and as far in advance of your trip as you’d like to! Call us or use our online booking feature to get your canoes, kayaks, and logistics ironed out so that all you have to do is show up and relax on America’s First National River. We stay very busy once the season starts, so avoid any holdups by calling early. Explore pictures and descriptions of our cabins on our website to spark your wanderlust today!

Don’t wait! Every new year is filled with promises of new adventures - we will help you make them a reality!

Happy Paddling!
Buffalo River Outfitters

Photo Courtesy of Brewed in Arkansas