Pets on the Buffalo

The Buffalo National River is a great place to explore and enjoy the great outdoors! For some of us, the trip is just not the same without our beloved four-legged friends to keep us company. We welcome pets on the Buffalo National River during any season. However, before you load up your excited pooch, here is some important information regarding restrictions on pets in the Buffalo National Park.

Where pets are NOT allowed:

Most of the hiking trails in the Buffalo National Park are closed to pets, with a few exceptions. Pets are allowed on the following hiking trails:

  • Mill Creek
  • Forest Trail
  • Overlook Trail
  • Campground Trail

Pets are not allowed in caves, government buildings or within the boundaries of any wilderness areas within the park!

General Facts To Know:

  • Pets must be on leashes at all times!
  • Pet feces must be picked up and disposed of properly.

Buffalo River Outfitters is a pet-friendly facility. We do ask that you keep any animals on a leash and supervised during your visit. A large and busy highway runs right by our store so please do not let your animal run free on our grounds, to avoid tragedy.

It only costs $25 for pets to stay in our cabins!

Please announce pets when making your reservation or when you come to the store to check in. When staying with pets at the cabins, please keep an eye on them when they are outdoors and try to keep them from barking excessively. Please do not allow them to sleep or climb on furniture or beds in the cabin.

Pets are allowed on our shuttles and rental water boats. When on the shuttles, please keep your pet near to you and do not allow him/her to wander around. If you observe another passenger becoming shy and uncomfortable around your pet, please respect their space and make sure your pet does, too. If a pet causes damages to any of Buffalo River Outfitter’s property, owners will be held responsible.

On the river, please do not tie animals to your boat

Any pet that is tied to a water vessel can cause danger to the pet and owner. The safety of both animal and owner is our primary concern. If you were to tip, flip, or get caught in debris, your pet could become trapped. As a floater, when your pet is tied to a vessel, you could also become trapped on a cord if your pet is tied to the floating device.

We urge everyone to allow your pet to freely roam, within means, while on board. Please also try to keep your pet from barking or excessively chasing fish. Digging in sand or gravel bars can also be harmful to the wildlife on the Buffalo. If a dog’s claws damage or pop an inflatable raft you have rented from us, you are liable for repair or replacement.

We love meeting your furry companions, and it makes our day to see a well-behaved dog in our store and enjoying a day on the river. Bringing your pet on the Buffalo can only add to your fun, as long as all guidelines are followed. Just please remember to be safe with you and your pet!

Have a safe and amazing adventure on the Buffalo National River!