Food on the Buffalo National River

Food on the Buffalo National River

Summer is a fast-approaching reality for us here at Buffalo River Outfitters. A lot of people are planning their floating adventures on the Buffalo National River for 2018. Food on the Buffalo National River can be tricky to plan. We are here to help!

Are you wondering what food or foods are easy, quick and work well for a group or individual to bring on their trip to the river? And it’s a good question! There are rules and regulations for containers for food and beverages. Some kinds of foods just work better for grab and go and limited adventure interruption.

Buffalo River Outfitters does not currently provide catered or prepackaged meals for river goers. However, we do sell snack-like food and candy from our storefront. If you are looking forward to a picnic it’s best to plan ahead and pack along what you will need for your meal.

Here are some tips and ideas for what to bring:


Sandwiches made ahead of time and stored in plastic baggies are classic and perfect for river trips. Make sure you have your park-approved trash receptacle on board for the plastic and trash.The red mesh bag we provide for customers is what you are required to have with you.

Finger Food

It’s best to prepare any finger food ahead of time to avoid any unnecessary steps or bulky knives and cutting boards. Obviously, having everything ready to go makes snacking fast and enjoyable. You can bring these and any other foods in zipper-style plastic bags or seal-able containers. Always remember that glass is prohibited on the Buffalo National River. Also, any trash from food on the Buffalo National River must immediately be placed in a trash receptacle.

As a general rule, anything that requires silverware or dishes is going to slow you down. Dishes will also raise the possibility of something being left behind to harm animals or pollute the river. Keeping things simple, quick and trash-free as possible not only protects our beautiful Buffalo River, but also makes sure you have the best uninterrupted adventure.

If you decide to drink alcohol while on the Buffalo National River, we ask you to do so responsibly. Alcohol can and will dehydrate you quickly. It is against river regulation to have any type of glass on the Buffalo National River. Additionally, aluminum cans must be in a float-able container such as a koozie. Remember, drink a lot of water while enjoying alcoholic beverages to protect against overindulgence, dehydration, heat stroke, and a nasty hangover.

If you would like to enjoy a meal at a local restaurant before or after your float, here are some nearby favorites:

St. Joe (5-7 min from BRO store)

Marshall (15-20 min from BRO store)

As always, our phone lines are open if you have questions concerning food on the Buffalo National River. We are happy to help you plan your next adventure!